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Mon, 26 Jun 2006: useR! 2006

Last week, I attended the 2006 UseR! conference: here is a (long) summary of some of the talks that took place in Vienna -- since there were up to six simultaneous talks, I could not attend all of them...

In this note:

0. General remarks
1. Tutorial: Bayesian statistics and marketing
2. Tutorial: Rmetrics
3. Recurring topics
4. Other topics
5. Conclusion

For more information about the contents of the conference and about the previous ones (the useR! conference was initially linked to the Directions in Statistical Computing (DSC) ones):

I attended two tutorials prior to the conference: one on bayesian statistics (in marketing) and one on Rmetrics.

0. General remarks

There were 400 participants, 160 presentations.

Among the people present, approximately 50% were using Windows (perhaps less: it is very difficult to distinguish between Windows and Linux), 30% MacOS, 20% Linux (mostly Gnome, to my great surprise).


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